2030 Holiday Calendar Jordan | Jordan 2030 Holidays

Check out the Year 2030 Jordan Holidays List which includes all the holidays of Jordan like Federal Holidays 2030 + Jordan Bank Holidays 2030, Jordan Public Holidays Or Jordan National Holidays 2030, even Jordan State Holidays 2030 & Jordan School Holidays 2030. Here in the list, you'll find that we have categorized all the 2030 holidays in different types so that people can understand it easily & categorize their type of holidays 2030. You can fit your 2030 Jordan Holidays in your calendar & make your personal planning or professional planning according to the need for the Year 2030. We have also Covered up all religion holidays consisting of Jordan Jewish Holidays 2030, Jordan Christian Holidays 2030, Jordan Muslim Holidays 2030.

You can download this List of 2030 Jordan Holidays from the Holiday Image Provided below or you can copy the entire list of the Year 2030.

================= 2030=====================
Date Day Holiday Type Year
6th January Sunday Ramadan begins Observance 2030
1st January Tuesday New Year's Day National holiday 2030
5th February Tuesday Eid al-Fitr National holiday 2030
6th February Wednesday Eid al-Fitr holiday National holiday 2030
7th February Thursday Eid al-Fitr holiday National holiday 2030
8th February Friday Eid al-Fitr holiday National holiday 2030
20th March Wednesday March Equinox Season 2030
21st April Sunday Easter Sunday Observance 2030
29th April Monday Orthodox Easter Monday Optional Holiday 2030
28th April Sunday Orthodox Easter Day Optional Holiday 2030
22nd April Monday Easter Monday Observance 2030
19th April Friday Good Friday Observance 2030
17th April Wednesday Eid al-Adha holiday National holiday 2030
16th April Tuesday Eid al-Adha holiday National holiday 2030
15th April Monday Eid al-Adha holiday National holiday 2030
14th April Sunday Eid al-Adha National holiday 2030
14th April Sunday Palm Sunday Optional Holiday 2030
18th April Thursday Eid al-Adha holiday National holiday 2030
25th May Saturday Independence Day National holiday 2030
4th May Saturday Muharram/New Year National holiday 2030
1st May Wednesday Labour Day National holiday 2030
21st June Friday June Solstice Season 2030
13th July Saturday Prophet's Birthday National holiday 2030
23rd September Monday September Equinox Season 2030
22nd November Friday Al Isra' wal Miraj Observance 2030
21st December Saturday December Solstice Season 2030
25th December Wednesday Christmas Day National holiday 2030
26th December Thursday Boxing Day Optional Holiday 2030
26th December Thursday Ramadan begins Observance 2030

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